A story-cube retrospective

I’ve not been very good at retrospecting my last few races – I didn’t do anything after the disasterous round 1 of the SuperPro championship (I felt so bad after smashing the GoPro that I didn’t even write about the meeting) and Christmas got in the way of doing a proper retrospective on the SuperPro/Graduate endurance event. After competing in round 2 of the winter SuperPro championship I’m determined not to let the opportunity to learn and review the session go to waste.

I bought these Story Cubes for use a work. The idea is that you throw the dice and use the pictures to make up a story. I use them with teams to remind us what we did in the last sprint at the start of a retrospective. I often find that engineers say they can’t remember what they did at the start of a sprint and this is a good way to get them thinking about it. It’s also a good way to set the tone of the meeting as a fun, creative space where it’s ok to have ideas. Hold on, you don’t know what a sprint is? Take a look here then.

So…. what was the story of Round 2?

Clock – From the minute I finished work I was accutely aware of the ticking clock. I just missed one train and then the traffic on the M2 was dreadful meaning that I didn’t get as much time to get ready at the track as I’d have liked. It was all a bit of a rush. Action: leave work earlier or perhaps even work from home on race day.

Masks – The two masks can represent my moods. At the end of the meeting I was a bit down. I’d taken a while to start driving well, the first race had been awful and the second had been almost as disappointing. Now though, having slept on it I’m fairly happy. Yes, the first race was awful and the result in the second was disappointing but that’s because I made a mistake which cost me 4 positions. Action: Think more about racecraft and how I can overtake slower drivers who are deliberately blocking me.

Arrow – This arrow is pointing the way, telling me to move on from what wasn’t a great nights result. I’m fourth in the championship although unless one of the top 3 doesn’t turn up for the last round I’m unlikely to claim a trophy. Looking at the last two races I was as fast as Matt, if not faster (I just couldn’t get around him) and that’s pretty good. He did win the championship last year! Action: Don’t let the bad results get me down, find some good in every result

Magic Wand – I can’t wave a magic wand and make those first two races go away. Instead I can learn from them. The poor result in race one was caused mainly by poor qualifying. I should have learnt that lesson by now! The second was getting pushed off track by a slower kart that I should have passed. Action: give as good as I get! Find space on track and get a couple of clean qualifying laps in.

Monster shadow – In the third race I got stuck behind Matt again but this time I was determined to pass him. I don’t have the video but we did touch in Turn 1 which he wasn’t happy about. He gives as good as he gets so I don’t feel bad about it but it did affect me and made me wary of getting to close and coming into contact with him again. The shadow of the contact affected me getting past him and I had to settle for 3rd – still my best result in one of these races. Action: Don’t be afraid of contact. Try not to cause it but don’t be afraid to get your elbows out. Everybody else does it.

Magnet – This ones stretching things a bit. Magnets stick right? I’ll tell you something that wasn’t stuck and that was my phone strapped to me leg. It was moving all over the place and although I was confident it wasn’t going to come off and fly out of the end of my overalls I do need to find a better way of locating it. Action: Get a new phone case and use velcro to attach it to my rib protector inside my overalls.

Tower – The tower represents safety and security, going home after a cold nights racing and having a beer while watching TV for a bit. I actually watched “In the blink of an eye”, the documentary about NASCAR racer Michael Waltrip and what he went through winning the Daytona 500 and losing his friend Dale Earnhardt within minutes of each other. Racing can bite you really hard sometimes and it’s nice to get home safely. Action: Always have that beer when I get home and be thankful that nobody got hurt

Globe – First of all I thought ‘the world is my oyster’ and then it occurred to me that this is a view of the earth from space. It represents seeing the whole picture and taking the data from my phone, alphatiming data and the GoPro footage this is exactly what I’ll be able to do. Where did I find time? Where can I get quicker? Where are other drivers better than me. It’s all in the data, I just need to find it. Action: analyse the data from the meeting and make notes for next months race

Star – Make a wish on a shooting star! It’ll take more than wishing to get to the front of the grid but if I had one wish for the third and final round it’d be that I gave the top 3 a run for their money, perhaps even knocking one of them out of contention.