Lockdown Cup Round 1/6 – Silverstone

With the January rounds of the SuperPro championship put on hold, 6 of us got together to do some racing on Assetto Corsa Competitzione on PS4. Although most of us race regularly on Gran Turismo Sport, Assetto Corsa encourages drivers to setup their car correctly and is less forgiving to drivers. As a result it’s more difficult to drive but more rewarding. We thought we’d use it as an opportunity to learn the game together. Jason and Reece would drive the Ferrari, Doug and Chris the AMG and Dan and Ben chose the McLaren.

For Free Practice the weather was cloudy but warm and everyone concentrated on getting clean laps in and working on their setups. Starting a trend for the evening, Reece topped the times with Ben following closely behind.

Jason and Doug fighting over 5th place

As we moved into the 10 minute qualifying session, the weather greyed over a bit and Doug took the pole initially with an early lap and held on to 2nd place for the whole session until right at the end when Ben pipped him to the place. Pole Position as taken by Reece with a lap of 2:01.26 with Ben 0.6s behind him.

The weather brightened up for the start of the 30 minute race which was a bit chaotic with several drivers being caught out. Ben didn’t get his car setup in time and had to start from the pit lane. Almost all of the other drivers picked up a stop & go penalty for being out of position at the start. As 4 of the drivers did their penalties, Ben and Dan scampered off into the lead. After serving his penalty, Reece chased Dan down and then Ben. The two of them fought over the lead hard and despite a bit of contact which was settled when Ben gentlemanly gave the position back was a clean one with Reece taking the win.

Reece overtakes Ben for the lead

Elsewhere, Dan and Doug were evenly matched on pace and throughout the course of the race Doug chased Dan down, eventually closing the gap to 2s, only to lose control at Becketts with 2 laps to go. The spin cost him any chance of 3rd and he finished about 5s behind Dan in 4th. Jason and Chris finished in 5th and 6th.

Next week we’re going to visit Spa where the weather is forecast to be warm and sunny. If you’re new to the game or think you’re at a similar level (think lapping Silverstone between 2:00 and and 2:08) then you’re welcome to join us on a Tuesday night.

The race from Doug driving seat