ESR ACC League Round 3/8 – Silverstone

After 1 good and 1 bad round in the championship I was keen to have a better result at Silverstone. I wasn’t especially looking forward to the wet race but that was what had been organised so that’s what we were doing.


The conditions in the server were changeable throughout the week but I was able to do some running on the wet track on Thursday evening where the times I set were comparable to the other drivers in the room. After taking over the admin of the league on Sunday morning I set up the server as close as I could to Thursdays conditions. In the end I think they were several seconds quicker.

For the race, I qualified in 8th with a 2:18.456 which was considerably quicker than I’d gone in testing but still 6s slower than ScottFenton15 on pole and about 4s slower than the main pack.


After starting in 8th, I was able to make up a place when diddy2112 and xGrm97x came together at the first corner, followed by another when terence-322 and JWE-Banff2020 tripped up over them selves on the Hamilton straight. At the end of the lap I was less than a second from terence-322 with both of us running wide out of the last corner, allowing xGrm97x to close the gap on me. He got past my at Becketts and then I tagged him at the chicane before Club. It was my fault and it ruined both of our races. Both of us rejoined, with him in front of me. He then ran wide at Club and quit the race, leaving me last where I stayed.

At some point in the melee I managed to flip my ECU into fuel save mode and it wasn’t until about halfway through the race that I realised it was the reason I was slow (relative to my own speed of course!). After I corrected that I managed to set some better lap times, beating my qualifying time with a 2:17.793s.

The yellow AMG on the Wellington Straight

As the rest of the field were so far in front of me I knew I’d never catch up and my concentration and interested started to fade. I lost control at Luffield after I glanced at the HUD to see what times the cars up the road were doing and spent ages trying to point the car in the right direction on the wet grass. Later in the race I picked up a puncture after glancing the pit wall and had to stop again to have that repaired.

Some days you just wish you’d stayed in bed and this was one of them.

Lessons Learned

To make matters worse, despite being careful to record the whole race so I could watch it back later…. it didn’t record. That’s three races in a row where I’ve had awful races and not had the video to watch it back and learn from it.

The other failing in this race were not a great deal of time spent preparing and then losing interest early on. Next week we go to Spa where at least the track will be dry. I know from the MRC race that I’m uncompetitive around here so I’ve plenty of work to do try and improve.