MRC ACC League Round 6/12 – Suzuka Endurance

After taking a few weeks off from updating the site and my social media I don’t remember much about this one. It’s not helped by having a problem with the recording so I only have the last 25 minutes of the 80 minute race in the dark.


I did quite a few laps around Suzuka in practice and got my times down from 2:08 to around 2:04. This was the first time I’d used the 2020 tires on a circuit I knew so I was quite pleased to get the times down to where I was with the 2019 tire.


By the time my recording starts there’s 24 minutes left on the clock and I’m in P13 of 15 with a best lap of 2:05.787. I don’t remember much of the race at all.

A couple of laps later I made up a position after MrDidus was getting repairs in the pits, lifting me to P12 and that’s where I finished in what was a pretty uneventful last 1/3rd of the race.

Assetto Corsa Competizione_20210228115401

Lessons Learned

I don’t really remember anything about this one…. so nothing learned really I guess!

The following week would be 2 30 minute sprints in the wet around the same track…. at least I wouldn’t have to relearn the track!