MRC ACC League Round 11/12 – Silverstone Sprints

I knew I was going to struggle this week – a set track combined with little practice meant it was always going to be a big ask. The two sprints would be all about staying on track, finishing and collecting points.


I didn’t get a lot of opportunity to practice during the week – starting a new job meant I was exhausted in the evenings. I did manage to get some laps in on Friday morning and over lunch and was able to lap around 2:16 without making too many mistakes.

Race 1

For the first I qualified plum last which did at least mean I’d be able to take it easy in the first corner and could hopefully avoid any carnage. There wasn’t any carnage and everyone made it through unscathed. The amount of spray made it really hard to drive and at the end of the 1st lap I’d made up a couple of places through others falling off, rising as high as 8th by the end of lap 2. My pace and consistency left a lot to be desired and I eventually finished in 10th.

Race 1

Race 2

I managed a better qualifying position of 9th, but got a poor start and was involved in an incident at Turn 1. From there I span and damaged the car on the next lap. After pitting to have it repaired I had a good fight with Chris over last place for the rest of the race, eventually finishing 10th of 11. I forgot to record this one too so I can’t even look back at it to learn anything. Two races to forget.

Chris and I had a race long fight over who would finish last

Lessons Learned

By the end of the evening, I was glad it was over and looking forward to a beer. The good news was that Id managed to get my SA back over 70 to 71 although my CC and CN had both plummeted down to 74 from the mid-eighties. I really need to spend some time doing some wet races and working on first my car control and then consistency as I’m all over the place at the moment – especially in very heavy wet conditions.

Next week is the final round with an 80 minute endurance race around a dry Silverstone.