MRC ACC League Round 12/12 – Silverstone Endurance

The final round of the championship was an 80 minute endurance at Silverstone on a cold evening. Sitting in 4th in the table I needed a good result in order to keep it. with black306mi not taking part in the final race, I was only really worried about B_Rated.


I knew Silverstone fairly well and had driven well there a few weeks earlier so didn’t do a great deal of prep other than refamiliarising myself with the track, corners and braking points and making sure my tire pressures were set correctly. I’d pay for that and qualified I poor 14th of 15, unable to find my pace from a weeks ago.

The Race

Purely though other cars having contact I made up a couple of places on lap 1, including passing B_Rated which was good news. Now I just had to keep him behind me for 78 minutes! Halfway through lap 2 and I was within 0.5s of Kenneth and MrFreggel and then the back end of the AMG just let go at the end of the Hamilton straight as I started to turn right. The car was undamaged but I was very surprised, trying to be careful with it, it then went out from under me again at Copse and again at Stowe. I’d dropped back to 15th now, 21s behind B_Rated and was struggling with the car despite it being undamaged.

On lap 5 I started to get my confidence back and as the night started to close in I started to catch R_Harrison_ by about 2s a lap. At the start of lap 15 I had the gap down to 10s when my connect broke and I was kicked from the race along with Mervilde. We were both able to rejoin but after being forced to wait in the pits for a minute and back in 15th place and a lap down our races were pretty much over.

The opening laps

With 45 minutes still to go in the race I ploughed on, hopeful that I could claw back a few points. My pace picked up a bit, and I started to lap in the 2:02 bracket, stopping with 21 minutes remaining for the mandatory tire change. I eventually finished 12th and last – disappointing as I was pretty sure I could have finished 11th or 10th had the connection not dropped.

Lessons Learned

At the end of the race, the only thing I think I’d learned was not to stream the race at the same time as running it. I’m sure that’s what caused the connection drop. Despite that, I’d been unable to match my pace from a few weeks ago which was frustrating and shows the value in practising properly.

My SA score remained unchanged at 73/99, while I made a small increase to car control reaching 85 (+1). The big moved was my consistency score which went up 8pts to 86. This was because my pace was much better in the second stint and I was able to get some good laps in, one after the other.

At the end of the championship, I finished 4th, tied on points with B_Rated. Not to bad but a shame as I lost points from the connection drop. Season 3 starts in May….