Book Review: Master The Art of Kart Driving

Terence Doves “Learn how to master the art of Kart driving” is pretty good. At just over 180 pages, spread across 15 chapters it’s easily and quickly read. It’s a paperback, printed on demand by Amazon with a fairly large print which is easily read. Few of the pages are dense text and there are plenty of black and white photos and hand drawn diagrams which give the book quite an informal feel, especially coupled with the engaging and friendly way in which it’s written.

The first few chapters mostly cover confidence and mind-set which I found particularly useful. While he doesn’t give much advice for building confidence (other than some tips) he does talk about the need for it and for believing in yourself and your abilities. He also has a small part on nutrition – stay away from that burger van and circuit diner on race days are the crux of his advice here.

The ‘driving’ sections of the book cover braking techniques, steering styles and posture, driving with flair, lines and loading. I found the section on loading the Kart especially useful and it’s not covered very well in other driving books which usually concentrate on cars. There’s a useful section on wet driving and another section I found useful on looking ahead including a couple of techniques to get into the habit.

A good example of the diagrams and layout of the book

He also talks about how to get the best from practice days, dispensing wise advice about knowing what you want to achieve rather than just driving around trying to get faster. There’s a good section and race starts and over taking as well as general race craft where he really drives home the need for a plan and believing in your plan and yourself as well as giving some ideas of how to show your dominance over other drivers.

I thought it was a really good book and I’ve started to use some of the ideas in my own driving already.

  • The tips he gives on looking ahead and staying focussed have been useful in my Sim racing, less so useful at Bayford Meadows where I know the track quite well already.
  • At the last Kart meeting, I was much more concious of how I was loading the Kart in corners and how I could use that to get the best out of it.
  • Especially at the start of races and the early couple of laps I have a plan now. I know what I’m trying to do in the early phase of the race and think a bit more about what I want to do and where I want to over take rather than just going for it.

At £19.99 from Amazon, this is highly recommended.