Race Club Season 2 Round 9/12 – Silverstone

In Season 1 I had my best result at Silvertone with a podium finish in the second race. My chances of being able to repeat this were reduced by the weather (which was wet) and my ability to practice (which was limited by a family holiday). I did get some practice in but suffered not just from a lack of pace but also any consistency at all. Going into the races I wasn’t expecting a good result at all.

Race 1

I qualified for the first race in 11th place, between Phil and Lee. At the start, both Terry and the Phil passed me on the inside at Copse. Arriving at Becketts I braked to late on cold tires and a wet track, going across the grass and dropping to last place. I spun the car at Club on the same lap but recovered two places after Matt and Lee collided on lap 2. That was the last I saw of any other cars as I continued to lap, eventually finishing 10th after Jack ran out of fuel on the last lap. My best lap was 2:10.674, almost four seconds slower than the other drivers.

Race 2

I chose to start the second race from the pits after a similarly poor qualifying session. I made up a position after Terry and Chris collided at Becketts only to spin the car on the wet kerb at Aintree. Rather than struggle even more for the remaining 25 minutes I pitted and rejoined last. And that’s where I finished after a long and depressing evening.

Lessons Learned

The biggest lesson learned here is the value of practice and consistency. I had neither. Looking for the positives, my SA went up by a single point 70, giving me enough to access most public lobbies and the competition servers. My CC dropped a point to 78 while my CC plummeted to 78. Both of these proved to be short-lived dips as after a few practice laps around Laguna Seca the following day I had them both back to ~85.

The next round at Laguna Seca was one of favourite ones in Season 1 and although it’s an unforgiving track I’m looking forward to driving it once again.