Race Club Season 2 Round 11/12 – Zandvoort

Zandvoort isn’t a track I know at all so I had to spend a lot of time learning it which I recorded in this post. With only 2 rounds left and a couple of disappointing results recently I wanted to spend some time getting some consistency and finding a pace I could lap at. I needed a good haul of points if I was going to keep hold of my 7th place in the championship.

Race 1

My qualifying time of 1:38.499 (a new personal best) was good enough for 5th on the grid, out qualifying Ben in the other Lamborghini for the first time in the season. Both Ben and Chris got past me at the start and I slotted in to 6th place, behind Ben and with Terry behind me. My tires were still a bit cold and I got on the gas to early exiting the 1st gear corner Hugenholzbocht and hit the barrier, damaging the car and allowing Terry and Lee to pass me. At the end of the lap, they were 1.7s in front with Phil just behind me.

Phil tried an overtake on the inside at Turn 1, going in far to quickly I was able to avoid him, take my normal line and take the place back. After several laps, the gap to Lee stayed constant but I was pulling away from Phil behind me. I started to slowly reel him in only to make an error at Gerlachtbocht and have the gap open up again on lap 10.

I soon had a recovering Jack immediately behind me and rather than waste time racing him I let him through at Turn 1. With 3 minutes to go, I’d caught Lee and got the gap down to less than a second with 2 minutes remaining. Despite being right behind him I couldn’t find a way past and finished in 9th place.

Watch Race 1 on my YouTube

Race 2

I didn’t qualify quite as well for the second race and lined up 7th between Terry and Lee. As the lights went out I had a good fight with Terry into Turn 1 all the way to Scheivlak where he started to pull away while I concentrated on staying on track with cold tires. I was more than happy to finish the lap in 7th where I’d started!

Terry and Chris were fighting hard over 5th and I started to catch them. Terry made the pass on lap 3 and with Chris compromised I was able to close right up on him with Ben right behind me. I knew Ben was quicker than me so I didn’t fight him at Turn 1. They didn’t pull away from me and once Ben had passed Chris I set about passing him too. I didn’t have to try for long as he cracked at Mastersbocht on lap 5 and I sailed past.

Ben passed Terry and the following lap I was within half a second of him. We were very easily matched on times and the gap stayed constant until I mullered the kerb exiting the Hans Ernst chicane and took a quick trip across the grass. No damage was done to the car but Terry was gone. With 9 minutes to go I was in 7th… exactly where I’d started.

Sadly, it wasn’t to be and I span at Turn 10 on lap 15 letting Lee and Chris overtake me easily. With 4 minutes remaining I was right behind Chris and we had a close scrap for a few laps until crossing the line in 8th and 9th respectively.

Watch Race 2 on my YouTube

Lessons Learned

Overall I’d have a good evening. I’d not got the results I wanted but had enjoyed some good racing with Terry and Chris, especially in the second race. I’d increased by SA by 4 points to 71 with only a drop of 1 point (to 89) of my CC. The final round of the championship is next, a 2 hour race at Monza – one of my favourite tracks. Time to get practicing if I want to keep 7th place.