Race Club Season 3 Round 1/12 – Brands Hatch

Season 3 of Race Club would kick off with a 1hr race at Brands Hatch before moving on to the more usual 30 minute sprints. For this season I’d be sticking with the Lamborghini Huraçan GT3 and teaming up with Ben in #TeamLambo (teams being a new addition to season 3). After a busy week at work and spending the weekend at Bayford Meadows and Buckmore Park I’d not done very much practice at all. Fortuitously it wasn’t that long since we’d been at Brands in Season 2 so at least I had a setup still.


I qualified 9th of 17 drivers which wasn’t that bad considering I’d done very little practice. Almost off the line I lost a place to Trevor and then got caught up in the carnage at Druids when Jack and Stuart had some contact. I managed to avoid any damage myself and restarted in 10th. At the end of the lap I was 0.3s behind Georgi with Brian a similar distance behind. Georgi was bale to pass Jörgen when he made an error at Hawthorns but I wasn’t able to get past… I did at Clarke when Jörgen pitted and then immediately lost a place to Brian at Paddock.

I was able to pass Brian at Paddock but then ran wide allowing Lee and Stuart to pass dropping me back to 12th. Both were faster than me and were only behind because of the 1st lap incident so I wasn’t to concerned. In fact, by the end of the lap I was back in 10th having passed both Brian and Lee. From there I set about chasing the others down, closing the gap only to spin at Paddock on lap 6 and drop back to 14th behind Dan. We fought tooth and nail for 10 minutes with me eventually getting past around the outside at Hawthorns for 12th place.

A few laps later I span at Paddock again and let Dan past me. A couple of laps later I got past him only for him to tag me at Surtees. I recovered and pitted to make my mandatory stop about a lap earlier than I’d planned.

Lee and I

Frustratlingly I damaged the car on my outlap and had to pit again for almost a minute which put me back in 14th by the time I rejoined with 27 minutes remaining. From there I put in a good stint until I hit the wall again (at Hawthorns this time) and had to repair the car for another 45s, dropping me back to 15th.

With 7 minutes remaining I got a wheel on the outside at Sheene and span for the final time. This time I damaged the car quite a bit and also had contact with Jack when rejoining the track. I limped home for the remaining few minutes finishing a disappointing 15th.

Lessons Learned

Two key things that I need to work on for this season.

  1. I need to practice more, working on consistency and making less mistakes
  2. I need to concentrate more in the race and for longer without letting my mind wander. I can do this in a Kart no problem so I need to understand why I can’t do it on ACC.

Over the course of the race, my went up 3pts to 73 while CN dropped 2pts to 90. My Car Control score was unchanged at 87.

Next week we’re at Mount Panorama – a circuit that takes no prisoners so I need to sort out my consistency and concentration quickly!