Race Club Season 3 Round 2/12 – Mount Panorama

Mount Panorama is a track I love driving at but I really struggled with it this week – more than usual. I just couldn’t get any consistency going and crashed every other lap, usually at the top of the mountain section. I had very low expectations of the evenings racing and even toyed with the idea of not driving.

Race 1

For Race 1, I qualified 12th of 16 between Chris and Brian. There was a bit of chaos at the first corner and I dropped to 14th avoiding other cars, returning back to 12th as we started on the journey down the mountain as other cars hit the walls. I was able to pass Ben on the run down to the chase, swapping paint with Brian and then missing my braking point and hitting Jason. Jason did well to keep going, not losing any places. I slowed, waiting for him not realising that he’d already blasted off and was starting a new lap.

As other cars pitted, I returned to 12th for the start of lap 2, passing Matt at the Chase for 11th and set about chasing Dan who was several seconds in front. Towards the end of lap 5 I was almost on his tail until I arrived at the Chase to find all the braking markers gone. With no marker I missed my braking point, went on the grass and lost 5 seconds to him. Trying to chase him down I made an error at the top of the mountain and had to stop and repair the car. From there, I carried on making errors and eventually finished 12th.

Watch the whole mess on YouTube

Race 2

The second race was worse than the 1st one. So bad in fact that I can’t be bothered to write about it.

Chasing Jason down

Lessons Learned

Afterwards, Ant joked had I let Pip (our dog) drive. I might have done better if I had. Everything had been shocking – my worst nights racing in a long time. I’d had no speed or consistency and damaged the car more times than I could count. For round 3 I definitely needed to work on consistency more than anything else.

It was a similarly bad night for my team mate Ben and we finished 4th out of 5 teams…. the 5th placed team only had one driver too!