Race Club Season 3 Round 10/12 – Misano

Despite being primarily a bike track, there’s something about the mix of tight corners and fast straights that make Misano a lot of fun to drive. Some of the kerbs are quite brutal and should be avoided too. As we started qualifying it became apparent that we’d have a small grid (only 12 drivers) and that this might be a good opportunity to score some big points.

Race 1

I started the race 7th, between Ben G and Trevor. I dropped to 9th in the first corner and Trevor and Chris got past me. When Chris and Ben tanged at the hairpin I thought I’d make up a couple of positions but lost those places to Georgi and Sylvio trying to avoid Ben and Chris. I soon caught Georgi and we have a good battle for several laps – eventually Ben caught us and I let him past. He soon passed Georgi and the two of us continued our fight over 9th. With 17 minutes to go I finally got around him on the outside at the hairpin but the two of us made contact. I let him back through and we resumed our fight with me getting past a few corners later.

With 15 minutes remaining I started trying to pull away from Georgi. After opening a gap of about a second, on lap 12 I attacked the kerbs at Turn 1 a bit to hard, lost control and span the car around, rejoining in 10th, 6.5s behind Georgi. Now I had to do it again with 11 minutes remaining and with James and Chris rapidly catching me. They both soon caught me while I regained speed and I fell to 11th, managed to keep Chris behind me. On lap 15, Chris found his way past and I made an ill-advised dive, trying to repass him. I did…. but I hit Chris in the the process. I restarted and trundled around for the remaining 5 minutes finishing last.

Watch the first race on YouTube

Race 2

For the second race I started 8th between Ben and Chris. Ben got an excellent start and when there was some contact in front of me I shot up to 5th with Chris sniffing around behind me. Chris found his way past on lap 3 and after opening a gap of about 2 seconds I started to close it down a bit until Stuart passed me on lap 6. He was much quicker than me and there was no point in trying to fight him.

After an error at Turn 1 on the following lap I was forced to use the escape road and rejoined in 10th of 11. From there I tried to catch James and Sylvio and the 3 of us were soon joined by Georgi. the 4 of us had a good few laps until Sylvio span in front of me and with nowhere to go I collided with him. From there it was pretty much game-over and he and I trundled around at the back, eventually crossing the line separated by a second – with me in front.

Watch the second race on YouTube

Lessons Learned

For the second race in a row I didn’t really feel like I’d learned very much. I feel like a lot of the drivers have made big steps forwards this season while I haven’t. It’s true that I’ve not done as much practice as I did in previous seasons and I’ve been less motivated……. I need to find my mojo for the game again.

Hopefully that will come at Monza – a track I usually do well at and will suit the Lamborghini.