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MRC ACC League Round 2/12 – Spa Endurance

Traditionally, I don’t get on with Spa. I always think of it as an F1 circuit and as that’s not my main interest I don’t drive it much. It’s also a long lap and takes a lot of effort to learn it. However, with an 80 minute race, a 50 minute race and a pair of 30 minute (wet) sprints coming up I thought I’d invest some time in it this time.

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Lockdown Cup Round 1/6 – Silverstone

With the January rounds of the SuperPro championship put on hold, 6 of us got together to do some racing on Assetto Corsa Competitzione on PS4. Although most of us race regularly on Gran Turismo Sport, Assetto Corsa encourages drivers to setup their car correctly and is less forgiving to drivers. As a result it’s more difficult to drive but more rewarding. We thought we’d use it as an opportunity to learn the game together. Jason and Reece would drive the Ferrari, Doug and Chris the AMG and Dan and Ben chose the McLaren.

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ESR ACC League Round 2/8 – Hungaroring

Round 2 of the championship saw us visiting the Hungaroring, a track I’d initially dismissed as dull but is now becoming one of my favourites.
I did quite a lot of work for this race and was actually feeling pretty confident going into it. I’d done a practice qualifying and race session the day before with a few other drivers and had a comparable pace. I’d also done a lot of laps and, with the exception of Turn 4 where I often exceeded track limits, could lap consistently and cleanly.

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ESR ACC League Round 1/8 – Suzuka

Initially planned as the final round of Season 2, this race was now the first of eight rounds that would make up Season 3. Like the previous season, these would be 50 minute races with a mandatory pit stop for fuel and tires. Before each race there’d be a 60 minute practice and qualifying session. I decided to keep my AMG from Seasons 1 and 2 rather than try and learn a new car.

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Bayfords Tour of Japan – Round 5/5 Suzuka

Monday saw the 5th and final round of our Tour of Japan and 11 drivers taking part in the 30 minute race at Suzuka. Until the day of the race I’d not done any practice since I’d been concentrating on ACC. I put that aside and did some practice in a test lobby and after watching a few YouTube videos got my times down to 2:01 which I was fairly happy with. In the practice before qualifying I was quicker than Dan and only about 1.5s off the quickest drivers.

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How to be quick in Bayford Meadows hire karts

Bayford Meadows is a nice technical track in Sittingbourne. They have 3 different classes of hire Karts – this track guide shares my experiences of driving the SuperPro Karts. In my first year of Karting I finished 7th in the championship and am now a regular finisher in the top 3 of races. Depending on the Kart and the conditions I can lap consistently between the 59.5 and 1:00.5.

he braking points for each of these corners will be different to what you would drive in an owner driver Kart where the times will be much quicker.

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