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Bayford Meadows SuperPro Sprint Series Round 1

After waiting for what seemed like at eternity to get back in a Kart I was really excited to get back to Bayford Meadows for round 1 of the SuperPro Sprint Series. There was a big turnout with over 30 drivers spread out across 8 heats – each driver would complete in 3 sprints (I was in heats 1, 2 and 8). Unfortunately this meant that most of the grids were quite small – about 11 Karts. The sun was out and it was a beautiful day.

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Bayfords Tour of Japan – Round 4/5 Fuji

We only had 10 drivers for the penultimate round with regular front runners Loui and Ant not able to make it. This made it a straight fight between Jono and Graham. Graham took the pole but Jono took the win and the points. For me, it was a race to forget and a valuable lesson learned.
This is a quick section….. foolishly assuming I knew this track I spent all week preparing for a race on ACC around Barcelona. I didn’t know it half as well as I thought I did, paying a heavy price and qualifying 7th behind my championship rival Dan.

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Bayford Meadows Winter Cup Rd 1

Under grey skies and the threat of rain, Saturday the 24th October saw the start of the Bayford Meadows SuperPro Winter Cup – a 6 round championship with the best 5 rounds counting. On the day, there were 26 drivers taking part across 3 classes – I was in the <75kg class with 9 other drivers. A meeting where I recorded my first win in a SuperPro race meeting. After taking the lead, I spent the 2nd half of the race concentrating on not throwing the win away and was so happy to finally see the checkered flag after what seemed like an eternity!

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