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Race Club Season 2 Round 3/12 – Kyalami

After a 2 week break to watch the football, the season restarted at Kyalami for 2 sprints – one in the dark and one in the day. I was really looking forward to these races as Kyalami is one of my favourite tracks and I was disappointed it didn’t get chose in Season 1. I knew the track quite well from the previous ESR and MRC races (admittedly in the AMG) and didn’t do a lot of practice. I was soon lapping at a similar pace to I had in the AMG and was feeling pretty good about my chances in the race.

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Race Club Season 2 Round 1/12 – Suzuka

For the second season of Race Club I decided to switch cars to the Lamborghini Huracan GT3 EVO. The test sessions we’d had before the start of season showed that I was roughly 2 seconds a lap quicker as well as being a lot more consistent and less error prone in it. Like Season 1, Season 2 would be a 12 round championship with a mix of weather, a 1 hour endurance half way through and a 2 hour season finale. The other rounds would be 2 30 minute sprints. All of the tracks had been voted on my the drivers and we started the season at Suzuka.

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1st Try In A Senior Rotax

On Sunday I had my first practice in a Senior Rotax Kart – roughly 21 years since I last stepped out of a ‘proper’ Kart at Three Sisters. The Kart in question was offered to me by Dan Wyatt, fellow SuperPro and Race Club driver and owned by his brother Chris. Joined by Jason, Rob (his Dad) and Matt we all trooped over to Bayford for an open practice day.

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Bayford Meadows SuperPro Sprint Series Round 1

After waiting for what seemed like at eternity to get back in a Kart I was really excited to get back to Bayford Meadows for round 1 of the SuperPro Sprint Series. There was a big turnout with over 30 drivers spread out across 8 heats – each driver would complete in 3 sprints (I was in heats 1, 2 and 8). Unfortunately this meant that most of the grids were quite small – about 11 Karts. The sun was out and it was a beautiful day.

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Eldar Sim Racing 1hr Endurance League – Round 7 Dragon Trail Seaside

The penultimate round of the ESR Endurance League was held at the GTSport original track “Dragon Trail Seaside” – a fictional track based on the Croatian coast. It’s a popular track in the game with a nice hairpin at Turn 11, some sweeping esses and the famous “chicane of death” just before a short tunnel.

As it’s one of the launch tracks from 2017, Dragon Trail Seaside is a track I know fairly well so I didn’t do a lot of practice. The sessions I did were mainly based around strategy and working out how long I could make a set of RSS tires last before they went off. After some testing I decided they were at their best for up to 6 laps although I could get 8 if I needed to. After doing some maths and working out the race would be 36 laps I decided to run a 4 stop race using 4 sets of RSS tires for 6 or 7 laps and then run the last stint when the field would be more spread out on a set of RS tires.

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Practice o’clock!

One of the advantages of having couple of weeks in-between jobs is that I could get in a bit of practice in a Kart rather than on the PS4. While I was still working I booked a practice session at Lydd on what I hoped would be a dry day. While I was off, I booked a practice at Buckmore on the spur of the moment as it was such a nice day.

The session at Lydd unfortunately was wet and not as much fun.

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