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Learning A New Track

The penultimate round of the Race Club GT championship was held at Zandvoort – a track I’d not raced on before at all. After my problems in the last few races with consistency I decided to really focus on this and make sure I had consistent pace that I could lap at. I was pretty confident that I had enough pace to race with others, I just needed to be able to do it lap after lap. In the week before the race I set about learning the track and setting myself up for a good result.

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Book Review: Master The Art of Kart Driving

Terence Doves “Learn how to master the art of Kart driving” is pretty good. At just over 180 pages, spread across 15 chapters it’s easily and quickly read. It’s a paperback, printed on demand by Amazon with a fairly large print which is easily read. Few of the pages are dense text and there are plenty of black and white photos and hand drawn diagrams which give the book quite an informal feel, especially coupled with the engaging and friendly way in which it’s written.

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How to be quick in Bayford Meadows hire karts

Bayford Meadows is a nice technical track in Sittingbourne. They have 3 different classes of hire Karts – this track guide shares my experiences of driving the SuperPro Karts. In my first year of Karting I finished 7th in the championship and am now a regular finisher in the top 3 of races. Depending on the Kart and the conditions I can lap consistently between the 59.5 and 1:00.5.

he braking points for each of these corners will be different to what you would drive in an owner driver Kart where the times will be much quicker.

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