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Buckmore Park 60 Minute Team Enduro

After a long lay off from full-metal racing and after some badgering from Ant Brown I decided to book a session at the reopened Buckmore Park. The race was a 60 minute endurance for pairs of drivers. Ant wasn’t able to make it but James could. Neither of us had driven around Buckmore for ages so we didn’t have a lot of expectations for the evening other than having some fun on the track.

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1st Try In A Senior Rotax

On Sunday I had my first practice in a Senior Rotax Kart – roughly 21 years since I last stepped out of a ‘proper’ Kart at Three Sisters. The Kart in question was offered to me by Dan Wyatt, fellow SuperPro and Race Club driver and owned by his brother Chris. Joined by Jason, Rob (his Dad) and Matt we all trooped over to Bayford for an open practice day.

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How to be quick in Bayford Meadows hire karts

Bayford Meadows is a nice technical track in Sittingbourne. They have 3 different classes of hire Karts – this track guide shares my experiences of driving the SuperPro Karts. In my first year of Karting I finished 7th in the championship and am now a regular finisher in the top 3 of races. Depending on the Kart and the conditions I can lap consistently between the 59.5 and 1:00.5.

he braking points for each of these corners will be different to what you would drive in an owner driver Kart where the times will be much quicker.

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Bayford Meadows Summer Cup Rd 3

Saturday the 26th September saw the final round of the Bayford Meadows SuperPro Summer Cup take place in less than summery weather. It was cold and windy with a feeling of rain to come. On the day, 27 drivers competed in 3 of 7 heats with 15 in the lightweight class that I was entered in to. Coming in to the event I was 4th in the championship and hopeful that I could maintain that.

At the end of the meeting I was disappointed to have finished so badly in 2 races because of (I felt) bad Karts. The last one had been especially bad. I dropped from 4th place in the championship to 6th, beaten to 4th by Steve Best by 3pts. That fight we’d had at round 2 had cost me more than I thought at the time 🙁

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