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ESR ACC League Round 6/8 – Mount Panorama

Mount Panorama has always been one of my favourite tracks for Sim racing on. It’s tough and doesn’t take any prisoners but a good lap around the mountain feels awesome when you pull it off. After taking ownership of the ESR league I wanted to make the Mount Panorama round a bit different to the others. While we still did qualifying on the Saturday afternoon (in game) I moved the race start so that it would be dark and the sun would come up while we raced – just like the start of the real 12hr race.

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ESR ACC League Round 2/8 – Hungaroring

Round 2 of the championship saw us visiting the Hungaroring, a track I’d initially dismissed as dull but is now becoming one of my favourites.
I did quite a lot of work for this race and was actually feeling pretty confident going into it. I’d done a practice qualifying and race session the day before with a few other drivers and had a comparable pace. I’d also done a lot of laps and, with the exception of Turn 4 where I often exceeded track limits, could lap consistently and cleanly.

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Practice o’clock!

One of the advantages of having couple of weeks in-between jobs is that I could get in a bit of practice in a Kart rather than on the PS4. While I was still working I booked a practice session at Lydd on what I hoped would be a dry day. While I was off, I booked a practice at Buckmore on the spur of the moment as it was such a nice day.

The session at Lydd unfortunately was wet and not as much fun.

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Eldar Sim Racing 1hr Endurance League – Round 6 Lago Maggiore

After last weeks race I’d not done much driving on GTSport at all, preferring to try Assetto Corsa Competizione instead. I had done a lot of driving in traffic though and was hopeful I’d be able to avoid any silly mistakes.

Without a lot of practice I did several sessions on Monday and played around with the RM and RS tires, eventually deciding to do 10 laps on the RM tire and the remainder of the race on the faster RS tire. I reckoned the race would be 30 laps (I was right) and that I could do 20 laps on 3 sets of RS tires – either 6 or 7 per set or even stretch out the RM tires if they weren’t totally shot.

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Bayford Meadows Gran Turismo GT3 Summer Cup

With agreement from Ian at the track I ran a 3 round, 6 race league over the summer using Gran Turismo. The league was open to all Bayford drivers. With the return to real racing in the summer it wasn’t as well attended as the championship I’d run over lockdown but we still had some good racing and I hope everyone had a good time. While the lockdown league had been a series of 30 minute races with qualifying each week, these would be 10 lap sprints on 2 circuits once a month. To cap it all off, the circuit would provide actual trophies.

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ESR Assetto Corsa Competizione League – Round 1 Hungaroring

I’ve owned Asset Corsa Competizione since its release but other than getting all the track competency medals I’ve not spent much time with it. It’s a completely different beast than Gran Turismo and I really struggled with it as a casual game. With my racing time taken up by the Club73 league and GTSport the game stayed on the shelf until the opportunity to play it with some other races in the ESR group. Although I was already racing in the 1hr GTSport league I thought I would give this a go too, if only to get used to the game.

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