Assetto Corsa Competizione League

The Eldar Sim Racing ACC League Season 4 proposal looks as follows:

tbc.Brands Hatch1Damp track
tbc.Silverstone 1
tbc.Spa-Francorchamps2Heavy Rain
tbc.Mount Panorama1Night race
tbc.Donnington1Suzuka if the track isn't released
tbc.Oulton Park1Kyalami if the track isn't released

There will be 2 different race weekend formats.

Race Weekend Format 1

This format is used for sprint races. Qualifying for each race will be based on your time set the qualifying session before each race.

Day of WeekendSessionLength
FridayFree Practice60m
SaturdayFree Practice15m
SundayFree Practice15m

Race Weekend Format 2

This format is used for endurance races. Qualifying for the race will be set by an aggregate of times across all 3 sessions.

Day of WeekendSessionLength
FridayFree Practice60m
SaturdayFree Practice15m
SaturdayQualifying 115m
SaturdayQualifying 215m
SaturdayQualifying 315m

Both formats have an optional 60m practice which takes place on the Friday – a few people have asked for this.

Current Regulations:

  • Drivers can select one GT3 car at the start of the season and will keep the same car for the duration of the league. Swapping cars incurs a 20pt penalty for each swap.
  • The server will be reset on Sundays at 6pm which will be the start of Friday practice. The first Saturday session will start at 7pm. The server is available all week to practice on.
  • 1 stop for both fuel and tires is mandatory in a race using Format 2. There will not be a pit window.
  • Each race weekend will be limited to 7 tyre sets. If you take part in Friday practice this will use some of your tires.
  • All races will take place on the 2020 tracks.
  • Weather will be dynamic but only with a small variation. A wet track may dry out. A sunny day may get cloudy. A sunny day will not turn into a monsoon!
  • The server will be called “ESR Racing x Doug Idle Racing”. It will be password protected and you’ll be given the password on entry to the league.
  • In order to make things interesting for all drivers, there will separate championships for each class: Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum. These ratings are determined by the game and your class will be whichever you’re set at in your first round.
  • Races will have a full lap rolling start
  • Scoring will be as per normal in ESR leagues. Endurance races will score double points.
  • If you want to be a dick, do it somewhere else.