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Race Club Season 3 Round 1/12 – Brands Hatch

Season 3 of Race Club would kick off with a 1hr race at Brands Hatch before moving on to the more usual 30 minute sprints. For this season I’d be sticking with the Lamborghini Huraçan GT3 and teaming up with Ben in #TeamLambo (teams being a new addition to season 3). After a busy week at work and spending the weekend at Bayford Meadows and Buckmore Park I’d not done very much practice at all. Fortuitously it wasn’t that long since we’d been at Brands in Season 2 so at least I had a setup still.

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Race Club Season 2 Round 8/12 – Brands Hatch

Traditionally, Brands Hatch is a track I do badly at but this time I was determined to change that and have a good race. In preparation I did a lot of work on my consistency and a lot of single player 30 minute races against the AI. Over time I got my best time down to 1:25.9 with race levels of fuel which I was pretty happy with – my best lap in the AMG in season 1 had been 2 seconds slower than that so I was definitely quicker. Sadly, so was everyone else!

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