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Race Club Season 3 Round 6/12 – Spa-Francorchamps

As we arrived at the mid-point of the season, I had to reflect that on the whole it had been pretty bad so far. So bad in fact that I hadn’t bothered to writeup the previous 2 rounds and had even quit the Kyalami race after crashing out having done no practice. In season 2, I’d actually had quite a good race at Spa and having put in some practice this time I wanted to get my season back on track.

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Buckmore Park 60 Minute Team Enduro

After a long lay off from full-metal racing and after some badgering from Ant Brown I decided to book a session at the reopened Buckmore Park. The race was a 60 minute endurance for pairs of drivers. Ant wasn’t able to make it but James could. Neither of us had driven around Buckmore for ages so we didn’t have a lot of expectations for the evening other than having some fun on the track.

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Race Club Season 2 Round 12/12 – Monza

After 11 rounds, this is what it all came down to. A final 2 hour endurance at Monza, starting at dusk and running on into the dark. Monza is usually a track I go well at and in practice sessions I washed good pace, finding a lot of time over my previous best in the AMG and recording a personal best of 1:49.5 the day before the race. If I could keep it together for 2 hours I was in with a chance of a good result.

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Race Club Season 2 Round 6/12 – Spa

To shake things up a bit and to make the middle of the season, round 6 was a double points scoring hour long endurance race at Spa… and just to make it more difficult it would be held in the dark. Although it’s not one of my favourite tracks, I went well there in season 1 (if you forget about my formation lap crash) and was looking forward to this one.

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Eldar Sim Racing 1hr Endurance League – Round 5 Laguna Seca

After having to skip round 4 of the championship at Yamagiwa I was keen to make up for it with a good result at one of my favourite tracks, even if my races here are usually poor and dominated my silly mistakes.

I decided on a strategy of 3 ten lap stints on RSS tires and spending whatever was left on the RS tyre. I worked out there’d be about 44 laps in the race based on my consistent speeds so thought I’d be doing about 14 laps on the final set of tires.

I started the race in P9 out of 14, between Mark_Palmer86 and stealth_racer196. Everyone had a fairly uneventful first lap with no incidents.

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