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ESR ACC League Round 3/8 – Silverstone

After 1 good and 1 bad round in the championship I was keen to have a better result at Silverstone. I wasn’t especially looking forward to the wet race but that was what had been organised so that’s what we were doing. The conditions in the server were changeable throughout the week but I was able to do some running on the wet track on Thursday evening where the times I set were comparable to the other drivers in the room.

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Lockdown Cup Round 1/6 – Silverstone

With the January rounds of the SuperPro championship put on hold, 6 of us got together to do some racing on Assetto Corsa Competitzione on PS4. Although most of us race regularly on Gran Turismo Sport, Assetto Corsa encourages drivers to setup their car correctly and is less forgiving to drivers. As a result it’s more difficult to drive but more rewarding. We thought we’d use it as an opportunity to learn the game together. Jason and Reece would drive the Ferrari, Doug and Chris the AMG and Dan and Ben chose the McLaren.

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