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Race Club Season 2 Round 9/12 – Silverstone

In Season 1 I had my best result at Silvertone with a podium finish in the second race. My chances of being able to repeat this were reduced by the weather (which was wet) and my ability to practice (which was limited by a family holiday). I did get some practice in but suffered not just from a lack of pace but also any consistency at all. Going into the races I wasn’t expecting a good result at all.

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Race Club Season 2 Round 5/12 – Zolder

The fifth round of the championship was held at Zolder – two sprint races in variable and wet conditions. Taking the lessons from Kyalami I did quite a bit of prep for this event and although I was still struggling a bit with consistency I was able to identify the problematical parts of the track and why (mainly standing water) and find ways around them. I knew both races would be about staying on and was determined to hold my concentration and do just that,

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MRC ACC League Round 11/12 – Silverstone Sprints

I knew I was going to struggle this week – a set track combined with little practice meant it was always going to be a big ask. The two sprints would be all about staying on track, finishing and collecting points. I didn’t get a lot of opportunity to practice during the week – starting a new job meant I was exhausted in the evenings. I did manage to get some laps in on Friday morning and over lunch and was able to lap around 2:16 without making too many mistakes.

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MRC ACC League Round 3/12 – Spa Sprint

After the 80 minute endurance race that was round 2, the following week saw round 3 still at Spa but this time for 2 30 minute sprints in the wet. With another 50 minute race at Spa coming up with the ESR crew I’d done a lot of mileage at the track over the last 2 weeks. While I wasn’t especially confident of a strong result I didn’t think I’d make a fool of myself either. After a mid week wobble when I nearly didn’t take part I set aside a couple of evenings for some wet practice and found that I wasn’t as bad as I’d feared.

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ESR ACC League Round 3/8 – Silverstone

After 1 good and 1 bad round in the championship I was keen to have a better result at Silverstone. I wasn’t especially looking forward to the wet race but that was what had been organised so that’s what we were doing. The conditions in the server were changeable throughout the week but I was able to do some running on the wet track on Thursday evening where the times I set were comparable to the other drivers in the room.

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Practice o’clock!

One of the advantages of having couple of weeks in-between jobs is that I could get in a bit of practice in a Kart rather than on the PS4. While I was still working I booked a practice session at Lydd on what I hoped would be a dry day. While I was off, I booked a practice at Buckmore on the spur of the moment as it was such a nice day.

The session at Lydd unfortunately was wet and not as much fun.

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